By Ryan Young – December 11, 2016

Two subjects that you wouldn’t automatically imagine to come hand in hand, but work quite well nonetheless are neuroscience and art. The Queensland Brain Institute’s 2016 Artin Neuroscience Competition will announce its winners on December 16th, but some of the entrants are listed below:

  • Silvern Oldies:  These hippocampal neurons are accentuated by a 19th-century silver staining method.

qbi-art-in-neuroscience 1000 × 749

  • That Which Makes Us Linger:  This colorful image was captured using high-res microscopy and modified using a technique called “deconvolution” and gives a great perception of depth.

qbi-art-in-neuroscience 800 × 1000

  • Rock and Roll:  This piece features a bee close up making a precise turn through a windy tunnel.

qbi-art-in-neuroscience 1000 × 528

  • Within the In-between: This image displays neuron’s cell bodies in shades of orange through to blue and demonstrates the way in which they all interconnect.

qbi-art-in-neuroscience 667 × 1000

  • Kapwa: Kapwa shows the full body of a zebrafish in a magnificent, 2D fluorescent image using different colors to represent height.

qbi-art-in-neuroscience 1000 × 448

  • Interconnectivity – dance of SNAREs in the dark:  This image hones in on some of the most important proteins of a living fruit fly larva.

qbi-art-in-neuroscience- 414 × 1000

  • The Great Unknown:  This black and white image shows a snap shot image of a cross section of the brain.

qbi-art-in-neuroscience 1920 × 725

  • Dismantled Eye:  A very colorful entry, this image depicts the many different layers of the insect eye.

qbi-art-in-neuroscience 1000 × 647


  • Starry Starry Night:  A Close-up of a fish’s skin reveals the colorful patterns of yellow and black cells.

qbi-art-in-neuroscience 1000 × 710

  • Our Inner Universe on Alzheimer’s:  An image consisting of main purples, it mimics the amyloid-beta plague that’s on our brains.  It shows the difference in a visual way between that of a healthy brain and one that is affected by Alzheimer’s.

qbi-art-in-neuroscience 1000 × 799

  • BrainSTORM:  A bright explosion of color, this image is a great image of a hippocampal neuron’s growth cone making new connections.

qbi-art-in-neuroscience 800 × 790

  • Survival Instinct:  This image depicts neurons at work generating that survival instinct.

qbi-art-in-neuroscience 1000 × 749